EZ-Tee’s purpose is to allow a lateral conection to an existing or drainage line

Reiber gasket conforms to ASTM F477

Oil-Resistant nitrile gaskets also available upon request

Larger diameter available upon request

All other pipe configurations P.O.R

Product Code Item List Price
163R0408 4X8 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0410 4X10 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0412 4X12 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0415 4X15 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0418 4X18 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0421 4X21 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0424 4X24 EZ-TEE $317.10
163R0427 4X27 EZ-TEE $380.73
163R0430 4X30 EZ-TEE $380.73
163R0436 4X36 EZ-TEE $380.73
163R0610 6X10 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0612 6X12 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0615 6X15 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0618 6X18 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0621 6X21 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0624 6X24 EZ-TEE $434.23
163R0627 6X27 EZ-TEE $498.49
163R0630 6X30 EZ-TEE $498.49
163R0636 6X36 EZ-TEE $498.49
163R0812 8X12 EZ-TEE $653.52
163R0815 8X15 EZ-TEE $653.52
163R0818 8X18 EZ-TEE $653.52
163R0821 8X21 EZ-TEE $653.52
163R0824 8X24 EZ-TEE $653.52
163R0827 8X27 EZ-TEE $723.77
163R0830 8X30 EZ-TEE $723.77
163R0836 8X36 EZ-TEE $723.77
163R1015 10X15 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1018 10X18 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1021 10X21 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1024 10X24 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1027 10X27 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1030 10X30 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1036 10X36 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1218 12X18 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1221 12X21 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1224 12X24 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1227 12X27 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1230 12X30 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
163R1236 12X36 EZ-TEE P.O.R.
Product Code Item List Price
EHS 04 4" EZ-TEE HOLESAW (4 1/2") P.O.R.
EHS 06 6 EZ-TEE HOLESAW (6 1/2") P.O.R.
EHS 08 8 EZ-TEE HOLESAW (8 3/4") P.O.R.
EHS 10 10 EZ-TEE HOLESAW (10 7/8") P.O.R.
EHS 12 12 EZ-TEE HOLESAW (12 7/8") P.O.R.