The Company

Who we are

The Galaxy Plastics Story

Established in 1990, Galaxy Plastics Ltd. found its roots in supplying fabricated fittings for the hydro and telephone industry to a small regional market. After sometime, Galaxy Plastics was able to expand its manufacturing capabilities to become a leader in the water and wastewater field for fabricated PVC fittings. Galaxy Plastics now boasts a full line of; Storm/Sanitary Sewer Fittings, Storm Profile Fittings, DWV Fittings, IPS (cl100, cl160, cl200) Fittings, C900/C905/C907 Fittings, BDS Drainline Fittings & Perforated Pipe services.

In all this time of expanding our markets and capabilities, Galaxy has never lost focus on what made them the preferred choice with their customers-that is consistently providing a quality product and service in a timely matter that works best for the client and their customers. Galaxy Plastics also works diligently to make sure they meet all the current applicable standards required in the field of underground PVC fittings. We make sure that they meet specification requirements for your projects that include PVC fittings. These standards include CSA, NSF, ASTM & Uni-Bell, all or some of these standards can be found on the Galaxy product in either sticker or embossed form. With these markings, you can feel at ease knowing our products have met the requirements of the standards.



Our Mission Statment

Galaxy Plastics goal is to provide quality products that; our employees are proud of; Municipalities recommend and that contractors prefer…