4 inch 58 degree DR18 bend GxG

4 inch 58 degree DR18 bend GxG

Requirement– Galaxy Plastics was approached by their customer for a required custom bend for their PVC potable waterline project.

Challenges – To build a fitting that meets a precise angle of 58° in a timely manner to meet the customer’s tight timeline. Typically, product offering would see this type of product be a cut and weld technique. This method would not only extend the delivery timeline but as well result in a reduced pressure rating and an overall weaker fitting.

Proposal – Galaxy Plastics has the ability to fabricate 1-piece bends from 1° – 60°. In this particular instance we fabricated a 1-piece bend in a short timeline to meet the needs of the customer. In addition, Galaxy Plastics was able to rate this fitting to full pressure (235psi) with no compromise to the customer’s project!


Outcome – The Galaxy Plastics customer was very pleased with the turn around time and the high quality supplied fitting.