18 inch DWV x Rib Hub adapter

18 inch DWV x Rib Hub adapter

Requirement– our customer required a DWV drain-line to be adapted to a profiled pipe drain-line.

Challenges – to normally supply this type of fitting, a number of adapters would be used to achieve the desired result.  This not only would likely be costlier to the customer with the extra adapters, but take more labor to install and take more of a footprint on the installed line.

Proposal – Galaxy Plastics has the ability to fabricate fittings to adapt different types of PVC with one adapter. Galaxy proposed a one-piece adapter that would successfully transition from a DWV drain line to a profiled pipe.


Outcome – Customer was supplied the Galaxy Plastics fitting in a very quick timeline along with a fitting that offered an ease of installation vs. multiple adapters saving the contractor time on installation.